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Innovate with Accusorb
and do more with less

Sometimes ingredients can do with a little help. We’ve created accusorb as an add-on option available for select Natural innovations Group products. It’s more than a truism that oil and water don’t mix. Many common ingredients are lipophyllic (oil-soluble) and can be problematic, both in how they can be used within a product and how readily they are absorbed within the human body.


Helping to simplify formulation challenges. Transforming liquids to powders, overcoming dissolution challenges, making ingredients easier to handle and use while increasing stability. Enabling better delivery of problematic actives. 

Readily Available.

Increasing the water-solubility of active ingredients can drastically affect their bioavailability.


Increasing the bioavailability of precious active ingredients can also allow your product to do more with less input. 

Clean Label.

Delivery systems are not necessarily new, but many use ingredients out of step with the emerging clean-label philosophy. We always think clean label first, and consciously choose these options wherever possible. Quality remains paramount so pharmacopoeial grade ingredients are always used

Optimised ingredient delivery, building stronger products based on science

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