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In a market dominated by vitamin and mineral ingredients manufactured via chemical synthesis or created in fermentation vats, Phytomin® offers a true alternative. Ingredients made by nature and sourced from nature. It is a journey from the beaches of the Philippine Archipelago, the depths of the Indian Ocean and across to the rich soils of tropical South East Asia.  


A collection of plant derived vitamins and minerals, carefully crafted for high quality and mindful manufacturing process


There is an emerging understanding that vitamin and mineral ingredients created from such sources may be better assimilated by the human body.


Vitamins and minerals from natural sources are associated with natural complexes referred to as co-nutrients: this holds true for minerals sourced from algae and seawater all the way to vitamins from a plant origin.

The benefits of Phytomin


Created by Nature

A unique collection of vitamins and minerals freshly curated from around the world. 


Full Spectrum

Ingredients complete with an entourage of co-nutrients - the way that nature intended.


Gently Processed

We minimise manufacturing steps to preserve inherent qualities and reduce environmental impact.

A mindful process

Our manufacturing processes draw on the minimal steps possible to present ingredients in useable form while maintaining their natural attributes. This also has the benefit of minimising environmental impact.


We are guided by a clear environmental vision. Ingredients are created using renewable energy where possible and under sustainability credentials such as Sedex SMETA. 


Vitamins and minerals created by nature and brought to you with integrity

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