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Ocean magnesium, the sustainable alternative

There is growing consumer awareness that magnesium supplements are typically created using mined minerals or material processed from underground brine wells: both practices can have significant negative environmental impacts. Mining for magnesium involves extracting it from mineral deposits in the earth’s crust, a process that requires the removal of large amounts of earth to access the mineral. The resulting waste can cause habitat destruction and water pollution.  Similarly, underground brine wells created by drilling deep into the ground, can deplete and even contaminate local water resources. Both processes can have long-term negative effects on the surrounding environment.


Ocean magnesium, on the other hand, is a renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested without damaging the environment. Seawater is abundant in magnesium, with every litre containing around 1200 milligrams. The process of extracting salt (sodium chloride) from seawater dates back to ancient times, and has played a critical role in the development of human civilisation. What is less widely known is that magnesium can also be obtained as a secondary product of table salt creation. Seawater can be progressively concentrated through evaporation in open ponds powered only by the sun, the eventual product of this first step being crystallised seasalt. This process results in a magnesium-rich solution that can be further concentrated to yield a magnesium salt. Since seawater is constantly renewed by the oceans, the sustainability advantage becomes clear - ocean magnesium is viable far into the foreseeable future.


Ocean magnesium with the industry’s highest Mg content

Ocean magnesium offers a clear difference from mined magnesium; one that’s aligned to rapidly shifting consumer preference and a desire to repurpose material from existing processes. Sourced from the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, Phytomin Mg™ also contains a complement of 70+ trace minerals, making it the all-round magnesium supplement ingredient. 


However, not all ocean magnesium is created equally. Phytomin Mg™ contains the highest magnesium content on the market. With a magnesium content of over 50%, the ingredient is suitable for dosage forms such as tablets and capsules: resulting in high yield from an acceptable size. This is something difficult to achieve with other forms and especially important for consumer acceptance. To contrast with magnesium citrate for example: Phytomin Mg™ allows over 3x the magnesium to be delivered by a dosage form of the same weight. Not one to be typecast though, Phytomin Mg™ is also available in an ultrafine grade for liquid and beverage suspension


Why Phytomin Mg™?

  • Indian Ocean sourced and sustainably collected, Phytomin Mg™ offers a clear alternative to mined ingredients 


  • Magnesium content greater than 50%


  • The industry’s highest yielding ocean magnesium - 3x that of citrate

  • Minimises dose size for enhanced customer acceptability

  • With a complement of 70+ trace minerals, Phytomin Mg™ is the all-round magnesium supplement ingredient

  • Available in variants to suit all formulation types

  • Phytomin Mg™ is vegetarian, vegan and non-GMO

· Supports healthy muscle function
· Reduces muscle cramps and spasms
· Bone and nervous system health
· Deep sea ocean sourced
· Highest available elemental Mg content

Magnesium from the ocean to you


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