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ABG™ Australia's Best Grain

powered by BARLEYmax


From ancient origins

Barley is understood to be one of the earliest cultivated plants, part of the basis of modern agriculture as founded in Eurasia around 10,000 years ago. Even before the ancient wheat varieties Emmer and Einkorn, barley became established as a staple food. Pre-Christian cultures appreciated barley as the ‘Holy Grain’. In ancient Greek, Demeter, the goddess of fertility was also called ‘Barley Mother’. It was also used as a staple in the diet of the legendary gladiators of ancient Rome who were sometimes referred to as ‘hordearii’, literally ‘barley men’.  


In more recent times, a Russian scientist wrote 100 years ago that a wide diversity of hulless barley occurred in south-eastern Asia, China, Japan, Tibet and probably Nepal. Today barley remains important in the diet of modern day Tibetans, their basic food called Tsampa is made out of roasted and crushed barley and mixed with Yak milk. It is likely that a barley line from Tibet, called Himalaya, was the source of the original breeding material for BARLEYmax®. The background of the Himalaya barley grain remains elusive. It was collected early on, almost certainly from the Himalayas and taken to the USA where it appears in 20th Century literature. 


Himalaya made its way to Australia after CSIRO’s Dr Peter Chandler obtained the variety from Washington State University believing its ‘nakedness and tallness’ would be ideal for his research. Peter subsequently bred, along conventional lines, a variety named Himalaya 292. The health-promoting properties of this grain were recognised and defined by CSIRO colleague, Dr Zhongyi Li. Himalaya 292 was then crossed with an old Australian barley, Tantangara, to give the grain we know today as BARLEYmax® wholegrain.


A super-barley to challenge chronic disease



Like much of the developed world, Australia carries a burden of chronic diseases, leading to reduced quality of life and preventable deaths. These include bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. CSIRO scientists saw the potential to enhance the nutritional value of wholegrains, like barley, to help combat these health problems and the project that culminated in the creation of BARLEYmax® was born.



With an ambitious wish-list of health-giving properties, CSIRO researchers recognised the promise in the ‘nakedness and tallness’ of the Himalaya barley strain. This insight lead to a decade-long program of conventional plant breeding and painstaking analysis as documented in papers looking at plant characteristics, and published animal and human trials. Ultimately, the best resulting strains were cross-bred with the legendary Australian strain Tantangara yielding BARLEYmax®.


What is ABG?


  • ABG™ is a proprietary product made up of BARLEYmax® and sprouted Australian barley extract 


  • It is scientifically developed in Australia


  • ABG™ consists of the CSIRO developed super barley with Australian sprouted barley extract to deliver a delicious powder suitable for incorporating into consumers’ daily health routine


  • BARLEYmax® is a conventionally bred (non-GMO) barley cultivar


  • Far higher in fibre than regular barley and other grains and rich in resistant starch and fructans


  • ABG™ contains a uniquely potent combination of prebiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome: supporting digestive health, reducing cholesterol and promoting wellbeing (per 100g):

      - resistant starch 2.2 g

      - ß-glucan 5.6 g

      - fructans (FOS & inulin) 8.5 g

      - arabinoxylans 6.8 g


  • Available FSANZ (food) claims include:

ABG™ prebiotics support digestive health (using available systematic review). As part of a diet low in saturated fat, 3g of beta-glucan each day reduces bloodcholesterol/blood cholesterol reabsorption (based on 3x standard servings).


  • ABG™ is vegetarian and vegan and contains no additives or fillers

· Uniquely potent combination of prebiotics
· Resistant starch, beta-glucan, inulin, FOS & arabinoxylans
· Supports a healthy gut microbiome
· Supports digestive health
· Reduces cholesterol

A barley engineered to deliver a revolutionary nutritional profile

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