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FTJ888™ Fa Talai Jone

Under a proprietary standard by incorporating with Mahidol University

Traditional wisdom and science combine to fight a global challenge

COVID-19 is the biggest health crisis of our generation

  • As at April 2022, there have been over 6 million deaths worldwide and over 500 million cases. 

  • A virus that has left Australia and the world crippled through vast health spending and the ripple effects of disruptions to all areas of life.  

  • “COVID-19’s USD $24 Trillion Cost Means Economics Will Never Be The Same”. Forbes Feb 2021

Mahidol University

  • Mahidol University is Thailand’s No.1 research and teaching university.

  • It comprises 17 faculties, 6 colleges, 9 research institutions, 6 campuses and 3 medical hospitals. 

  • In terms of budget and portion of budget spent on research programs, the university receives the highest budget of any public university in Thailand: $430 million in 2019, most of which is granted for graduate research programs.


A timely collaboration
presents an opportunity to help

  • Mahidol University and the Thai Government have collaborated to corroborate Mahidol’s research into a therapy for the Thai people in this challenging time.

  • Thailand’s Health Ministry approved the use of a herbal extract to treat early COVID-19.

  • Fah Talai Jone (Andrographis paniculata, also known as green chiretta), “will serve as an alternative treatment to reduce the outbreak’s severity and cut treatment costs”, the Ministry released in a statement. The treatment was initially made available in five state-owned hospitals, and is now being distributed more widely.

  • The extract is produced from herb sourced from a defined latitude and altitude range and manufactured specifically to retain a full spectrum of terpene lactones. Prior to authentication as FTJ888™, Mahidol University labs profile each batch to ensure all critical parameters are met. 

  • In light of the global pandemic Natural Innovations Group worked closely with the Australian embassy in Thailand to secure the worldwide licensing rights to commercialise Mahidol University`s (and Thailand’s) proprietary Fah Talai Jone extract (FTJ888™) used across Thailand`s health system in the fight against SARS-CoV-2.

The science on FTJ888™ continues to build

​An ongoing program of clinical work supports the therapeutic properties of Fah Talai Jone, including that it “can curb virus and reduce the severity of inflammation”, in the words of Thailand’s Health Ministry. Confirmatory large human trials are in progress to build on and support the 2021 results described below:

Numthavaj P et al, 2022 - in progress

Andrographis Paniculata vs Boesenbergia Rotunda vs Control in Asymptomatic COVID-19. 3060 subjects divided evenly across 3 arms, Fah Talai Jone (Andrographis paniculata) arm comprising 1020 patients. Completion date estimated to be end May 2022. 


Committee on Research Studies in Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, 2022 - in progress 

700 patient study of Andrographis paniculata in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Wanaratna K et al, 2021

Of the AP extract treatment (n=29) and placebo-control (n=28) groups, pneumonia occurred in 0/29 (0%) versus 3/28 (10.7%), (p=0.112). On Day 5, patients with SARS-CoV-2 detection were 10/29 (34.5%) versus 16/28 (57.1%), (p=0.086); patients with CRP >10 mg/L were 0/29 (0%) versus 5/28 (17.9%), (p=0.023), for AP extract treatment and placebo-control groups, respectively. While limited by small sample size, the findings suggest promising efficacy and safety of the AP extract treatment regimen in adults with mild COVID-19. The larger studies currently underway are intended to reinforce these findings.

Mahajaroensiri S et al, 2021

A study to investigate inflammatory cytokine changes and metabolomics profiling after five days administration of high AP extract in patients with mild cases of COVID-19. The results showed that inflammatory cytokines related to COVID-19 infection tended to decrease. The metabolite profile showed a decrease of inflammatory metabolites and nucleotides. A small trial intended to investigate mechanism of action in symptom reduction seen elsewhere.

Benjaponpitak A et al, 2021

Based on the pilot trial above, the DTTAM collaborated with nine hospitals to conduct an observation study among 309 patients infected with SAR-CoV-2 with this regimen of AP extract, as an add-on treatment to standard therapy. Data was collected among these 309 patients then compared with 526 patients who received standard background therapy alone. The results showed that the rate of pneumonia development or intubation were 0.97% versus 14.6% in patients receiving AP and those without AP therapy (p <0.001).

Benjaponpitak A et al, 2021

Based on Sa-ngiamsuntorn K, the Dept of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTTAM) performed a pilot trial of AP extract in six patients who were infected with SAR-CoV-2 virus and had mild symptoms. At day 3 and 5 of treatment intervention, the severity and frequency of cough, severity of sore throat, amount of secretion and severity of headache reduced significantly from baseline.

Sa-ngiamsuntorn K et al, 2021

Postinfection treatment of SARS-CoV-2-infected Calu-3 (lung epithelial) cells with A. paniculata and andrographolide significantly inhibited the production of infectious virions (IC50 of 0.036 µg/mL and 0.034 µM, respectively). This study provided experimental evidence in favour of further investigation and the influence of FTJ888™ over andrographolide alone.

· Immune support
· Help curb COVID-19 virus
· Reduce severity of cold & flu symptoms
· Reduce severity of inflammation
· Assist recovery time

Traditional wisdom & science combine to fight a global challenge


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